Derek Joseph Draws a Work of Art for a Friend at the Hyatt Valencia

10710666_10205293090676341_1160798747914859925_nDerek has a good friend at the Hyatt Valencia Hotel who he admires, and has been very helpful when his dad Dave and he stay there. That is their favorite hotel. Derek drew this beautiful drawing a couple of days ago for her. His father Dave and he recommend this hotel to their friends and family. Dave says, “I have traveled extensively in Europe, and the East Coast of the United States, including New Your City, and find the Hyatt Valencia one of my favorite hotel destinations. The Staff are so friendly, and facilities perfect, with lots of restaurants, and entertainment around the hotel.” If you are visiting the Gallery Josephs from out of town we will help with your reservation too. Just give us a call at 661 733-0906.

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