You have 12 hours left to bid on my first “Plein Air Impressionistic Oil Painting” — “Van Gogh Sky at the Vasquez Rocks”

Music and Art align! LOL! :-)!


10636725_10204751471216193_2928408766100588115_o906645_10204751450375672_254247862250377782_o10401959_10204813768453585_8937894327903810568_nI painted this (1st oil painting shown here with paints below it is thefinished painting) (Painting closer to text here is as it progressed about 1/2 way done) recently at the famed Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce CA. This is where many major movies and TV series were filmed by Hollywood. Many Western TV shows as well as many movies of all Genres were filmed there. Many Bonanza Series, as well as the Big Valley and Star Trek were shot here.

Stars as John Wayne, John Travolta, Arnold Swartznagger, Gene Autry, and a host of hundreds had their movies, TV, shows, and commercials filmed here. The Iconic Vasquez Rocks are one of the most highly displayed locations in the movie and film industry.

Go to and put in 131285751648 in the search box and the auction will come up. You have 12 hours from now to bid. Starting bid is $2,000. I will…

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