New Drawing by my Special Needs Son Derek Joseph Showing His Love for His Mom & Life!

1506758_10204883147788025_7115913096108778658_n 10653673_10204883149388065_6105468474988963269_nMy son Derek Alan Joseph is 31 years of age, and did not start speaking until he was 6 years old. He is “Drug Free” and loves to draw, ride motorcycles, and ATVs, go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, do yard work, work a day job doing janitorial duties, take care of dad and “moom” and take us out, as well as chores around the house. He is full of love and expresses  it through his drawings. His “signature little character” shows his love of life, and love for others. He creates his drawings in an flowing nature with fantastic concentration. We hope you enjoy his passion and love of others and life expressed in his drawings.

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